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Our small propagation nursery is located in Big Ivy in northern Buncombe County, NC next to the Pisgah National Forest. We specialize in propagating native shrubs and perennials of the southern Appalachian woodlands. Our stock is primarily seed propagated, on occasion propagated from rooted cuttings or division of rhizomes, and never collected from the wild. We are proficient at seed collecting, seed cleaning, and following various germination protocols. Seed is either collected on our own property or purchased from seed companies.

Native plants in western North Carolina have medicinal, ornamental, or edible value. The use of herbal medicines, landscaping with native plants (going “green”), and consuming exotic woodland fare is gaining popularity, which has placed many species at risk of being over- harvested from native woodlands. As a result, many native plant species are becoming more difficult to find and are designated “at-risk” by the United Plant Savers organization (http://www.unitedplantsavers.org/content.php/121-species-at-risk ).

We offer many of the species in demand that are challenging to propagate from seed, as they have strict seed collection or germination requirements.  Our transplants, or “liners”, can be grown to maturity more quickly, saving a year or more in production time, and reducing the chance of losses due to germination failure.

We practice organic production and pest management methods.

We sell wholesale to nurseries, botanical gardens, garden centers, commercial herb growers, forest farmers and individuals with a limited amount of retail at herb festivals and native plant conferences. Wholesale pricing is available with a minimum purchase of $45.
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